Aerospace and Defense

KAYA Instruments is a leading manufacturer of advanced imaging solutions. Kaya specializes in high resolution, high-speed and high quality cameras that operate in extended temperature range, shock/vibration and have advanced features for Military, Aerospace and Defense systems. KAYA’s military-grade cameras are tiny, low power and have features designed for dynamic environments. Our Iron cameras are tough, providing reliable, high-quality imaging for these challenging environments, making them ideal for tracking, detection systems, drone cameras and for defense vision systems.
KAYA’s aerospace imaging cameras and military cameras deliver high-resolution imaging for body cameras, tracking systems, both piloted and unmanned vehicles, steering systems, perimeter surveillance, HUD displays and more. Their lightweight and compact design allows for easy installation in tight spaces. The low power requirements make KAYA’s cameras ideal for many of the applications which require long use from low power.
The cameras are equipped with advanced features such as high-speed triggering, synchronization, wide dynamic range and low-light sensitivity. We also have UV sensitive cameras and NIR sensitive cameras for a wide variety of applications that would benefit from these features. Each camera is tested according to MIL-STD-810G standards for operational shock and vibration, ensuring that they meet the most harsh environment requirements. The wide range of operating temperatures, spanning from -40°C to 85°C, ensures our Iron cameras function under severe environmental conditions from ground to space and can be mounted in almost any place to be part of any critical infrastructure.
Kaya has become a leader in Defense and Aerospace systems; we provide standard cameras, firmware or hardware customizations as well as complete custom designs. Kaya’s cameras are already utilized in many highly trusted and widely used for global security around the world, making KAYA a leader of military-grade cameras and military systems. Kaya also provides frame grabbers, fiber range extenders, IP, simulators and more. Kaya’s frame grabbers are widely utilized due to the extended API in Linux, Windows and is GPU compatible.