Full support for Nvidia GPUDirect for Video and AMD DirectGMA

Full support for NVidia GPUDirect for Video and AMD DirectGMA KAYA Instruments – vendor  of state-of-the-art products and cutting edge solutions in the Machine Vision and Broadcast industries – gladly announces the following. All the frame grabbers made by KAYA Instruments provide full support for NVidia GPUDirect for Video and AMD DirectGMA in order to do image acquisition and processing with any graphics processing units.

Using conventional methods, video data is copied three times in the system memory. However, Nvidia GPUDirect reduces this to only two copies (from frame grabber to system memory and then to GPU memory). Additionally, AMD DirectGMA allows for high-speed Peer-to-Peer DMA transfers between the memories of two GPUs or between the memories of the GPU and the FPGA. With DirectGMA for Video optimized for optimal performance, data exchange between frame grabbers and GPUs can be achieved with direct video streaming from the frame grabber to GPU, thereby avoiding data copies to/from system memory. By using the NVIDIA Direct-for-Video and AMD DirectGMA for Video protocols effectively, KAYA Instruments frame grabbers can achieve the highest-end performance and real-time processing speeds with the lowest possible latency.