High Speed Imaging

High-speed industrial cameras are used for capturing fast-moving objects or processes that can not be captured by an average camera. KAYA is a manufacturer of high-speed cameras that can capture images at very high frame rates, which makes them suitable for sensitive motion analysis applications. High-speed industrial cameras are used in various industries including scientific research, automotive, defense, and manufacturing.
KAYA Instruments specializes in high-speed industrial cameras designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability, even in the most challenging conditions. Our JetCam series, is a high-speed yet low-cost family of CMOS cameras that feature a 40Gbps fiber interface, supporting high-quality video at rates up to 2400fps at full resolution with faster-running region of interest (ROI) such as 1920×248 at 10,000 fps. Other resolutions are available up to 25 megapixels. KAYA’s IRON series cameras take advantage of high-speed sensors up to 50Gbp/s with 4 lanes of CXP-12. KAYA’s high-speed cameras are ideal for a wide range of applications that require high-speed imaging, including sports analysis, automotive and crash testing, scientific research including particle velocity measurements (PIV), traffic, special effects and broadcasting.
Our cameras are designed with an innovative approach to deliver precise and clear results in fast-moving environments. At KAYA, we also offer customized solutions to meet any high-speed imaging need. With years of experience working with hundreds of clients from around the world, our team is well-equipped to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a camera for sports broadcasting, scientific research, medical applications or any other industrial application, KAYA has the expertise and technology to provide you with a reliable, high-speed imaging solution.