Predator II Fiber Frame Grabber

KAYA Introduces Single Channel CoaXPress Over Fiber Frame Grabber

KAYA’s latest addition to the Frame Grabber lineup is a low cost, full-featured CoaXpress over Fiber single channel frame grabber.

KAYA Instruments is excited to announce two new Predator II low cost, single channel frame grabbers. The first new frame grabber is capable of 1 channels of CoaXPress over Fiber up to 12.5 Gbps per channel. The low cost, easy to utilize version supports any CoF compliant camera. This latest frame grabber is based upon PCIe Gen 3 x4 and is fully compliant with CXP v2.0/CoF standard. This is also available as Camera Link High Speed compatible.

KAYA’s frame cameras are low-cost, high-quality and low power consumption with a full SDK for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux. The software included is based upon the API included with the frame grabber to demonstrate all of the frame grabber’s capabilities. KAYA Frame Grabbers are compatible with NVidia’s GPUs as KAYA is referenced as a Partner on NVidia’s website.

The Komodo and Predator frame grabbers all share the same API, SDK and drivers for 3rd party software. Any application developed on one frame grabber is easily utilized with a different frame grabber from the KAYA frame grabber line.

KAYA is a leader in the industry developing a range of cameras for Commercial, Industrial and Military use. KAYA develops and manufactures frame grabbers in PCIe, PCIe104 and MXM form factors. KAYA develops and licenses IP for CXP standards and provides support hardware for fast and easy integration into any platform with FMC form factor test cards and CXP simulators. KAYA develops custom cameras, frame grabbers and complete systems. KAYA follows quality standards and is a registered ISO9001:2015 company.