New software version release: SDI Control Point 2021.2


KAYA Instruments announces the new version release of SDI Control Point software:

Vision Point 2021.2

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New features


1.      12bit processing pipe for better calculation accuracy.

2.      Re-implemented ‘Export/Import to file’ for better compatibility with camera’s configurations.

3.      Added support of ‘Statistics ROI’ for compensation algorithms, including graph visualization.

4.      Added ‘Camera ROI’ offset to control the physical image origin output from the sensor.

5.      Added SDI Timecode configurations.

6.      Added RS485 interface support.

7.      Extended Auto Exposure configuration parameters to control the algorithm response time and thresholds.

8.      Added Auto Gain additionally to Auto Exposure.


Fixes and improvements


1.      Extended camera’s user settings save/load to support up to 8 different sets.

2.      Replaced ‘Analog Gain’ scaling and synchronization, instead of ‘ISO’.

3.      Improved synchronization between GUI controls and current device settings.

4.      Improved video mode change latency and stability.

5.      Fixed issues in RGB-to-YCbCr conversion matrix synchronization with video mode.

6.      Improved ‘Knee’ function’s consistency.

7.      Improve gamma correction and Lut table visualization, calculations and update response time.

8.      Improved overall command response time.

9.      Fixed problem with image artifacts when camera parameters are changed.

10.  Fixed Genlock support – external synchronization of multiple cameras.

11.  Improved White Balance calculations and available pre-sets.

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