New software version release: Vision Point 2019.1

KAYA Instruments announces the new version release of Vision Point software:

Vision Point 2019.1

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New features:

1. Global software configurations re-arrangement
2. Windows service “KYService” installation
3. Public software LogChannel registry root configuration modifications
4. Support for 32 bit under 64 bit Windows
Note: Vision Point 2019.1 will be the last version to support Windows 7 OS
5. Visual Studio 2017 flavor support ( represented by v141)
6. Improved monitoring and management of PoCXP for CoaXPress cameras
7. Optimized camera discovery process to reduce detection time
8. Color level threshold bar to adjust image level in range of specified minimum and maximum threshold pixel values (Accessible only via Vision Point GUI).
9. Zooming Picture window with the mouse wheel
10. Pixel value display for RGB image format in x:y[R G B]
11. GenTL producer minor fixes for compatibility with different GenTL consumers
12. Improved resource cleanup in case of an application crash or unsafe exit
13. Generalized Genicam and OpenCV libraries load for better compatibility
In addition to the key features, Vision Point 2019.1 contains numerous bug fixes, improved documentation and diagnostic improvements.

Please find the download links below:

• Installations for Windows: Download Here
• Installations for Linux: Download Here


If you have any questions or need technical support,
please do not hesitate to E-mail us.
Thank You!
KAYA Instruments Team