New software version release: Vision Point 2020.1


KAYA Instruments announces the new version release of Vision Point software:

Vision Point 2020.1

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1.      General release note : Windows 7 is no longer supported by both SDK and Vision Point application

2.      Recording AVI from buffer now saves rendered images rather than original captured data (i.e. processed for showing in VP),
for analyzing original data user needs to record RAW or TIFF format.

3.      Bandwidth test for supported devices.

4.      New AutoPoCXP management settings.

5.      VS2012 run-time is no longer supported, KYFGLib.dll/lib are identical copies of KYFGLib_vc141.dll/lib for projects that link with “KYFGLib.lib”.

6.      Chameleon: “Simulation example” project and source file are renamed to “Chameleon example” to avoid confusion with software simulated grabber.

7.      KY_DEVICE_INFO support value 2 of “version” filed: added field “m_Flags”.

a.       Device description strings are changed, to determine device protocol API provides field “protocol”.

8.      Parameters enumeration entries are updated dynamically to reflect changes of “isAvailable” state.

9.      Temperature events.

10.  Global software configurations re-arrangement

In addition to the key features, Vision Point 2020.1 contains numerous bug fixes, improved documentation and diagnostic improvements.

Please find the download links below:

• Installations for Windows: Download Here
• Installations for Linux: Download Here


If you have any questions or need technical support,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank You!
KAYA Instruments Team