12G CoaXPress v2.0 FPGA IP Core: Host (Frame Grabber)



  • High speed cameras
  • High definition cameras
  • Frame Grabbers
  • Panoramic cameras
  • Upgrade for legacy coax based systems
  • Defense remote systems
  • Automotive surround view system
  • Surveillance
  • Robotic Vision

The  CoaXPress v2.0 IP Core from KAYA Instruments supports GenICam international standards, providing a generic programming interface for all kinds of cameras regardless of the interface technology. The CoaXPress v2.0 IP Core from KAYA Instruments provides a Multi-link high-performance solution for rate-demanding video applications. Both Host and Device modes of operation are supported. The IP core offers support for the newest and industry-leading Artix, Kintex, Virtex, and Zynq FPGAs, including all 7, Ultrascale and Ultrascale+ families from Xilinx, Cyclone V, Cyclone 10, Arria V GX, Arria V GZ, Arria 10, Stratix IV, Stratix V, and Stratix 10 FPGAs from Intel (former Altera) and PolarFire from Microsemi. The host IP core incorporates a friendly streaming interface with a highly configurable pixel packer for glueless connection to imaging sensors or user logic.


  • Compliant with JIIA NIF-001-2019 CoaXPress standard rev 2.0
  • CXP v2.0 support of up to 12.5 Gbps high speed link and up to 41 Mbps low speed link
  • Multiple link rates support
  • Supports both Host and Device modes
  • Multiple CoaXPress v2.0 links suited for applications demanding high throughput.
  • Multiple video stream support
  • Build in FPGA SerDes, no need for additional design effort
  • AXI4L/Avalon MM support for control channel
  • Highly configurable pixel packer
  • Host IP Core supports multiple device connection on different data rates
  • Embedded CRC-32 generate/check for streaming data packets
  • Avalon and AXI4 Stream Interface Profile in Host IP Core
  • Dedicated ports to for GPIO and trigger

Core Details

  • Single or multi-use license
  • Free license for KAYA Instruments CoaXPress Mezzanine card users
  • Soft IP core: RTL-encrypted source code, synthesis scripts, etc.
  • Comprehensive documentation package
  • Support for Altera®, Xilinx® and PolarFire from MicroSemi FPGAs
  • Language: Verilog HDL
  • Simulation environment: ModelSim

Supported Devices

FPGA Device Family P.N. CoaXPress Host (Rx) Example Design
Artix7 XC7A***T V Artix7 evaluation board – AC701
Kintex7 XC7K***T V Kintex7 evaluation board – KC705
Kintex7 ultrascale XCKU*** V Kintex7 ultrascale evaluation board – KCU105
Kintex7 ultrascale+ XCKU*** V Kintex7 ultrascale+ evaluation board – KCU116
Virtex7 ultrascale+ XCVU*** V Virtex7 ultrascale+ evaluation board – VCU118
Virtex7 with GTX transceiver XC7VX***T V Virtex7 evaluation board – VC707
Virtex7 with GTH transceiver XC7VX***T V Virtex7 evaluation board – VC709
Zync 7000 (1) XC7Z*** V Zynq-7000 evaluation board – ZC702
Zync ultrascale+ XCZU*** V Zynq ultrascale+ evaluation board – ZCU102
Cyclone V GX 5CGXF***6*** V Cyclone V GX FPGA development board
Cyclone V SX 5CSXF*** on demand Cyclone V SX FPGA development board
Cyclone 10 10CX*** V Cyclone 10 FPGA development board
Stratix V GX 5SGX*** V Stratix V GX FPGA development board
Stratix IV GX EP4SGX****** on demand Stratix IV GX FPGA development board
Stratix 10 GX 1SGX****** V Stratix 10 GX FPGA development board
Arria V GZ 5AGZ*** V KOMODO CoaXPress
Arria V GX 5AGX****4*** V Arria V GX FPGA development board
Arria V SX 5ASX****4*** on demand Arria V SX FPGA development board
Arria 10 SX RXCA****4*** V Arria 10 SX FPGA development board
Arria 10 GX 10AX*** V Arria 10 GX FPGA development board
Versal AI Core VC*** on demand Versal AI Core series evaluation board – VCK190
Versal Prime VM*** on demand Versal Prime series evaluation board – VMK180


(1) Only for devices that have GTP or GTX transceivers available.

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