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Enhance your workflow with CoaXPress 2.0 Receiving technology, available in copper, copper with power, and fiber formats for operational flexibility.

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The CoaXPress v2.0 IP Core from KAYA Instruments supports GenICam international standards, providing a generic programming interface for all kinds of cameras regardless of the interface technology. The CoaXPress v2.0 IP Core from KAYA Instruments provides a Multi-link high-performance solution for rate-demanding video applications. Both Host and Device modes of operation are supported. The IP core offers support for the newest and industry-leading Artix, Kintex, Virtex, and Zynq FPGAs, including all 7, Ultrascale and Ultrascale+ families from Xilinx, Cyclone V, Cyclone 10, Arria V GX, Arria V GZ, Arria 10, Stratix IV, Stratix V, and Stratix 10 FPGAs from Intel (former Altera) and PolarFire from Microsemi. The host IP core incorporates a friendly streaming interface with a highly configurable pixel packer for glueless connection to imaging sensors or user logic.

With the CoaXPress 2.0 IP Core, experience a new standard in imaging technology, offering speed and versatility for any application.

Easy to use

As a leader in the industry, KAYA instruments has been providing IP to hundreds of clients since 2008.  The IP provided is fully developed and supported by a team of industry veterans.  We provide multiple versions of the IP for the requirements you need.  Our IP is licensed to the client and not per seat.  Our affordable option(s) provide a customizable solution to best suit your needs.


Encrypted Netlist:
Try our fully functional IP to evaluate its advanced features, ease of use, and comprehensive documentation. When executed, our IP will run for a 30-minute test period.

Included with FMC Boards (Encrypted Netlist):
Develop your application with a copy of our IP on a single PC, included with your FMC board purchase. This allows for easy integration with your FPGA without the need to purchase the full IP.

Netlist IP:
Develop your complete system with our Encrypted Netlist IP. Utilize our IP on one of the compatible FPGAs listed in the compatibility section to develop your application. This package includes up to 10 hours of professional support and is licensed for use on a single PC or server.

Source Code:
Develop a complete system with our full, untethered IP. Modify and edit our code to utilize it in any environment or FPGA. This option includes up to 24 hours of technical support.

Supported Devices

FPGA Device Family P.N. CoaXPress Host (Rx) Example Design
Artix7 XC7A***T V Artix7 evaluation board – AC701
Kintex7 XC7K***T V Kintex7 evaluation board – KC705
Kintex7 ultrascale XCKU*** V Kintex7 ultrascale evaluation board – KCU105
Kintex7 ultrascale+ XCKU*** V Kintex7 ultrascale+ evaluation board – KCU116
Virtex7 ultrascale+ XCVU*** V Virtex7 ultrascale+ evaluation board – VCU118
Virtex7 with GTX transceiver XC7VX***T V Virtex7 evaluation board – VC707
Virtex7 with GTH transceiver XC7VX***T V Virtex7 evaluation board – VC709
Zync 7000 (1) XC7Z*** V Zynq-7000 evaluation board – ZC702
Zync ultrascale+ XCZU*** V Zynq ultrascale+ evaluation board – ZCU102
Cyclone V GX 5CGXF***6*** V Cyclone V GX FPGA development board
Cyclone V SX 5CSXF*** on demand Cyclone V SX FPGA development board
Cyclone 10 10CX*** V Cyclone 10 FPGA development board
Stratix V GX 5SGX*** V Stratix V GX FPGA development board
Stratix IV GX EP4SGX****** on demand Stratix IV GX FPGA development board
Stratix 10 GX 1SGX****** V Stratix 10 GX FPGA development board
Arria V GZ 5AGZ*** V KOMODO CoaXPress
Arria V GX 5AGX****4*** V Arria V GX FPGA development board
Arria V SX 5ASX****4*** on demand Arria V SX FPGA development board
Arria 10 SX RXCA****4*** V Arria 10 SX FPGA development board
Arria 10 GX 10AX*** V Arria 10 GX FPGA development board
Versal AI Core VC*** on demand Versal AI Core series evaluation board – VCK190
Versal Prime VM*** on demand Versal Prime series evaluation board – VMK180


(1) Only for devices that have GTP or GTX transceivers available.

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