FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) prototype board


Key Features:

  • Provides rapid means to develop new and complex FMC systems for later integration to standard FMC form factor
  • SMA connectors not soldered to PCB allowing custom assembly options (Optional)
  • The footprint for on board EEPROM simplifies complete FMC-compatible interface
  • Breakout of High-Speed serial interfaces, clocks, and control signals enables easy completion of full capability FMC functions

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The FMC prototype board breaks out the complete LA bank of signals from the standard FMC Low Pin count Connector and the standard power rail and control signals. The user can add standard 0.1-inch spaced components and sockets for a wide variety of active and passive devices thus enabling the development of very complex capabilities. Standard control signals are available for the user to complete the interface to the chosen carrier card. The Series signals could be accessed from SMA connectors, which could be soldered on any side of the prototype card


  • VITA 57.1 FMC compliant
  • Passive breakout of Low Pin count Connector (LPC) pins to 0.1” matrix grid for soldering or wire-wrapping
  • Development 18×16 hole matrix
  • Extended Ground rails and Power breakout for two power connections
  • User determined VADJ and Vref
  • JTAG breakout available in development matrix
  • 4 SMA connectors for high speed serial signals (SerDes)
  • 125MHz SerDes reference clock
  • Control signals available for user connections in development matrix
  • On board electrically erasable programmable memory, EEPROM, with 1Kb (128bytes) storage for configuration management and user data
  • Supports air and conduction cooling FMC
  • Single slot FMC
  • -40°C to 85°C operating environment temperature (industrial grade)

Block diagram


  • FMC prototype board
  • 4 SMA connectors – not soldered (Optional)
  • Hardware user manual

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