New software version release: Vision Point 2020.3

KAYA Instruments announces the new version release of Vision Point software:

Vision Point 2020.3

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Release notes for version 2020.3:

1.       Ubuntu 20.04 is now supported.

2.       Xavier JetPack 4.4.1 SDK support.

3.       Added configurable log retaining policy.

4.       Automatic Power over CoaXPress management for Predator.
NOTE: Latest firmware for the Predator card (starting 4.7.1) requires the latest version of Vision Point (2020.3 or later)

5.       Add “DevicePhysicalLinksMax” Frame Grabber parameter indicating maximum available physical links.

6.       Fix “KYFG Get Camera Value” and “KYFG Get Grabber Value” in LabView adaptor.

7.       Corrected behavior of BUFFER_INFO_PIXELFORMAT_NAMESPACE and BUFFER_INFO_DELIVERED_IMAGEHEIGHT commands used in GenTL’s DSGetBufferInfo API function.

8.       Limit number of Power over CoaXPress monitoring channels for Predator II.

Please find the download links below:

• Installations for Windows: Download Here
• Installations for Linux: Download Here

If you have any questions or need technical support,
please do not hesitate to E-mail us.
Thank You!
KAYA Instruments Team