Machine Vision

Machine vision cameras have become an essential component of numerous industries, with a large variety of applications. These cameras are designed to capture images and videos that can be analyzed to automate different industrial processes. To meet the demands of industrial inspection applications, machine vision cameras must meet the requirements of specific applications, and are typically small form factor and low power. Since the focus of machine vision cameras in industrial inspection is to increase productivity by reducing downtime, many machine vision systems pay for themselves quickly with a high return on investment.
The most critical features of machine vision cameras are resolution and speed.. Industrial machine vision cameras must have high-resolution imaging capabilities to detect small defects and measure dimensions accurately. Also, cameras used in different inspection applications must be capable of capturing images at high frame rates to provide maximum throughput of the machines. Therefore, cameras must have a very high data transmission speed, allowing the software to make decisions in real-time, and minimize the time between image capture and analysis. KAYA cameras are designed for fastest system throughput for machine vision software to make decisions such as fastest data transport (CXP-12), on-board pre-processing and the KAYA frame grabbers are compatible with all known imaging libraries.
Often the cameras work with image processing software, which requires the best conditions and image quality to provide a reliable result.
Finally, machine vision systems must be reliable and durable. Cameras and frame grabbers must withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration.
KAYA Instruments is a leading machine vision camera manufacturer, offering a range of high-performance cameras and frame grabbers specifically designed for industrial machine vision applications. Our cameras are a small form factor and low power, making them ideal for use in tight spaces and challenging environments. KAYA’s cameras utilize advanced global shutter CMOS sensors, ensuring excellent low-light performance and high image resolution necessary for quality inspection purposes. Additionally, KAYA’s cameras are designed to provide optimal quality video under even the most severe conditions, making them the reliable choice for industrial quality inspection applications.