CoaXPress Cables assembly


At KAYA Instruments, we offer a full CoaXPress Cables assembly service to complement our extensive range of CoaXPress products.
Using only quality cables and connectors from reliable sources, KAYA Instruments can support low volume for your prototypes or full production quantities.
All cables are fully tested and performance plots can be supplied if required.
We understand that sometimes available shelf products do not fit exact application needs. In these cases, we offer customization of cables per customer’s needs.
Whatever your project, the team at KAYA Instruments have the expertise and experiences to develop a suitable solution.

Ordering codes

Our standard and immediately available models, which we keep in stock, are built with Belden 1855A and Belden 4855R cables. You can order these cables with DIN1.0/2.3, BNC male, BNC female, or Micro-BNC connectors.
Check the documentation for more details.

Description Part Number 6G  Part Number 12G
DIN (1.0/2.3) to DIN (1.0/2.3) KY-CCA-000-xxX.x KY-CCA-100-xxX.x
BNC male to DIN (1.0/2.3) KY- CCA-010-xxx.x KY-CCA-110-xxx.x
BNC male to BNC male KY-CCA-011-xxx.x KY- CCA-111-xxx.x
DIN (1.0/2.3) to BNC Female KY-CCA-002-xxx.x KY-CCA-102-xxx.x
BNC male to BNC Female KY-CCA-012-xxx.x KY- CCA-112-xxx.x
BNC Female to BNC Female KY- CCA-022-xxx.x KY- CCA-122-xxx.x
Micro-BNC to Micro-BNC KY- CCA-033-xxx.x KY-CCA-133-xxx.x
Micro-BNC to DIN (1.0/2.3) KY- CCA-030-XXX.X KY- CCA-130-xxx.x
Micro-BNC to BNC male KY- CCA-031-xxx.x KY- CCA-131-xxx.x
Micro-BNC to BNC Female KY- CCA-032-xxx.x KY- CCA-132-xxx.x

Cable Length: XXX.X is the required cable length in m.e.g. 1m = 1.00

Please, contact us for other cable assemblies.



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