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Vision Original Equipment Manufacturing

Vision Original Equipment Manufacturing

KAYA Instruments designs and manufactures custom cameras, frame grabbers, and comprehensive solutions for OEMs in the aerospace, airborne, defense, and manufacturing sectors. We develop and manufacture all essential components for successful systems, including cameras and frame grabbers. KAYA Instruments utilizes its own modules for swift time-to-market and competitive pricing.

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Custom Cameras

KAYA has developed cameras based on sensors from various manufacturers, including Sony, OnSemiconductor, Alexima, GPixel, Teledyne, Samsung, BAE, AMS, Lynred, and SCD. These sensors encompass Area Scan and LineScan technologies across standard visible, NIR enhanced, SWIR, Low Light, and UV products. Our platforms feature Xilinx, Altera, or Microsemi FPGAs, which can be tailored to optimize according to your requirements, such as low power consumption, cost-effectiveness, radiation resistance, or compact form factor. Our current platforms support CoaXpress, and CoaXpress over Fiber, CLHS, SDI, and Camera Link standards. Additionally, we possess the capability to swiftly transition to other platforms like 10GigE or USB3. We operate our own manufacturing and testing facilities, ensuring a clean environment conducive to quality production


CoaXPress IP

We have developed a cost-effective version of CoaXPress 2.0 IP that we supply in Netlist Encrypted for Xilinx and Altera-based platforms.  We also developed, sell and support CoaXPress 2.0 firmware for Xilinx, Altera and Microsemi platforms.  We offer both the Host firmware for the Frame Grabber or Computer also known as the receiving firmware) and Device Firmware for the Camera side (also known as the transmit side).

KAYA designs, manufactures and supports all of the hardware required for development and testing for CXP such as FMC development boards.  We manufacture both Frame Grabbers to test the video as well as Camera Simulators to test the host side.


Frame Grabbers

KAYA manufactures standard to unique frame grabber form factors.  We support single, dual, quad, and octo frame grabbers for up to 8 cameras or a single camera with 8 outputs (100 Gigabits/s) in PCIe to operate in standard PC, Linux CPUs and Nvidia GPUs.  We also manufacture unique designs such as MXM, PCIe104+, and M.2 form factors.  Our Frame Grabbers include an easy-to-use application, the latest drivers, and advanced SDK which includes support for C++, C# and Python.


OEM Projects

CoaXPress Over Fiber

KAYA Instruments developed CoaXPress Over Fiber frame grabbers as a custom technology in response to client requests. This extension of the CoaXPress protocol, including CXP v2.0, facilitates data transport over fiber optics, akin to Ethernet cables, connectors, and electronics. It enables the transmission of large volumes of data using affordable standard equipment, resulting in higher bandwidth. The benefits are manifold: flexible cable options, exceptionally high data rates, excellent performance-to-cost ratio, and widespread industrial acceptance. KAYA Instruments proudly introduces the latest generation of Cameras, Frame Grabbers, and FPGA IP, all featuring the CoaXPress Over Fiber interface.

Komodo II MXM

Komodo II CoaXPress 12G MXM is the best-in-class Frame Grabber, supporting the CoaXPress v2.0 standard. It can receive video streams from up to 4 CoaXPress links and simultaneously capture video from multiple cameras. This frame grabber was developed per a client’s demand.

Predator II  M.2

The Predator II Single CoaXPress M.2 stands out as a top-tier frame grabber, boasting support for the CoaXPress v2.1 standard and the capability to receive video streams from a single CoaXPress v2.1 link while providing optimal performance. Crafted per client demand, this frame grabber excels in industrial, defense, and aerospace applications.

KAYA Instruments is ISO9001:2015 certified. Utilizing our experience, we can design and develop products that are MIL-SPEC 810F, Shock/Vibration resistant, wide temperature range and long life meant for a range of environments. Our customers demand the best in terms of quality and repeatability. Contact us for your imaging needs.