KAYA Instruments’ NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Development Kit

With the arrival of the new high-speed machine vision standard CoaXPress v2.0 where data rates are up to 50 Gb/S, the possibility to process more data in shorter time-frames is closer than ever. Even with slower data rates the ability to quickly process more complex algorithms is now available. To apply this option, a GPU can typically perform significantly more effectively. Many are already using GPU solutions such as NVIDIA for image processing.

KAYA Instruments is well known for being one step ahead of the market, and the ambition to create new opportunities for better performance for the customers was the natural motivation that lead to the development of KAYA’s Linux AArch64 (64-bit ARM) SDK.

KAYA Instruments’ Frame Grabbers were among the first in the market to support NVIDIA’s GPUDirect for Video technology and so the close relationship of KAYA and NVIDIA is deeply established. Frame Grabbers by KAYA Instruments are known for integrating seamlessly with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Development Kit using KAYA’s Linux AArch64 (64-bit ARM) SDK.

The NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier is the first computer designed specifically for autonomous machines. It has six Engines onboard for accelerated sensors data processing and running autonomous machines software and offers the performance and power efficiency for fully autonomous machines.

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