New software version release: Vision Point 2022.1

KAYA Instruments announces the new version release of Vision Point software:

Vision Point 2022.1

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Release notes for version 2022.1:

New features

  1. GenICam 3.2 support was introduced in this software release
  2. “Search” option was added to cameras’ properties browser
  3. “Code Sample” option was added to cameras’ properties browser
  4. GenTL support for “Common Vision Blox(CVB)” SDK
  5. CoaXPress2 Frame Grabber: Added Automatically switch to CXP 2 after detection of a compatible camera
  6. C# binding new functions were added to the API
  7. Python examples were added to support multiple camera flow

Fixes and improvements

  1. CLHS Frame Grabber: Modified detection process to support additional cameras
  2. Chameleon: Fixed issue with loading initial parameters value from a project file
  3. Chameleon and Frame Grabber: Fixed issues with buffer allocation for few YUV, YCbCr and Planar formats
  4. Fixed image display for few YUV, YCbCr and Planar formats in Vision Point GUI
  5. Python binding: Fixed stream callback function registration when using multiple cameras
  6. Vision Point API data book was rearranged, combining native API, C# and Python bindings


Please find the download links below:

• Installations for Windows: Download Here
• Installations for Linux: Download Here

If you have any questions or need technical support,
please do not hesitate to email us.
Thank You!
KAYA Instruments Team