Industrial Troubleshooting Cameras

Why Industrial Troubleshooting Cameras?

Industrial inspection systems are crucial in maintaining the quality, integrity, and safety of products. Industrial camera systems are utilized to troubleshoot issues in manufacturing.  Industrial inspection cameras provide a critical solution for monitoring, assessing, and improving quality control processes. These cameras enable quality inspection experts to detect potential issues early on and correct them before product issues arise.  Industrial camera systems utilize inspection software for pass/fail inspection of products in manufacturing and final inspection. Cameras for Industrial Inspection are required to be highly reliable for the capital costs benefit of adding such a system.  These systems when properly added increase the uptime of manufacturing, increase throughput, and require fewer people which ultimately pays for itself in the long run.  

There are various inspection purposes, therefore, there are a variety of available cameras.  Selecting the camera by the proper resolution and frame rates for the inspection optimizes the cost of the system.   Cameras are equipped with exceedingly fast data transmission capabilities, which enable the software to make prompt decisions in real-time and reduce the time interval between image capture and analysis.

KAYA Instruments: High-Speed Cameras for Quality Inspection

KAYA Instruments Camera is designed with advanced global shutter CMOS sensors that ensure high image resolution and excellent low-light performance. This feature makes it an ideal industrial troubleshooting camera that provides high-quality video footage even with extremely short exposures. These sensors work optimally to capture clear and detailed images of any product under scrutiny. The sensors are engineered to provide consistent quality regardless of the lighting conditions of any product inspection facility.

KAYA supports CoaXPress 2.0 Protocol which can support up to 60m via a coax cable that provides power, data, and camera control.  CoaXPress allows the camera to be a great distance from the computer or easily be routed through complex machinery.  

KAYA Instruments Camera’s compact size and lightweight design make it an ideal choice for installation and deployment in both automated and manual production line environments. This feature makes it easy to use and portable, allowing for the inspection and diagnosis of potential issues anywhere in the production line.