Industrial Machine Vision Frame Grabbers

The Unmatched Performance of KAYA’s Frame Grabber CoaXPress 12G MXM and Predator II Single Channel CoaXPress M.2

In the demanding world of industrial inspection, the efficiency and accuracy of machine vision systems hinge significantly on the capabilities of frame grabbers. These vital components capture and process images from cameras in real-time, playing a critical role in a range of applications from manufacturing to quality control. For optimal performance in such demanding environments, frame grabbers must embody specific characteristics: steadfast reliability, robustness to withstand extreme conditions, low power consumption for sustainability, high data throughput for quick image processing, and versatile adaptability to different systems. KAYA’s Komodo II CoaXPress 12G MXM and Predator II Single CoaXPress M.2 frame grabbers exemplify these qualities, standing out as exemplary models in unique form factors in the industry.  These form factors were designed to support Industrial Computers for these harsh environment, manufacturing floors and fanless PCs.

The Komodo II CoaXPress 12G MXM Frame Grabber, a pinnacle of KAYA’s innovation, is designed to manage video streams from up to four CoaXPress connections in various operational modes. This versatility ensures its reliability across diverse industrial setups. Engineered for durability, it thrives in the toughest conditions, compliant with MIL-STD-810G for shock and vibration and capable of operating in temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. This robustness makes it not only ideal for industrial environments but also suitable for defense and aerospace applications. Its power efficiency is another crucial feature, especially significant in systems where multiple frame grabbers are used concurrently.

Parallel in excellence is the Predator II Single CoaXPress M.2 Frame Grabber. This model specializes in processing high-resolution video streams from a single CoaXPress connection, adeptly capturing images e. Such a feature is vital in industrial manufacturing, where monitoring intricate processes at different production stages is key. This can be used to synchronize multiple cameras, the Predator II ensures a comprehensive and cohesive view of operations, improving decision-making and enhancing quality control. Furthermore, its design incorporates standard Micro-BNC connectors, ensuring high performance and compatibility in various setups.

Both models demonstrate exceptional data throughput capabilities, supporting CoaXPress v2.0bitrates up to 12.5 Gbps per lane. This efficiency is essential in capturing and transmitting high-quality video streams swiftly, a necessity in the rapid pace of industrial processes.

The Komodo II CoaXPress 12G MXM and Predator II Single CoaXPress M.2 frame grabbers from KAYA are much more than mere components; they are game-changers in the realm of machine vision. Their combination of high-speed data processing, rugged design, and versatile functionality positions them as invaluable assets in the industrial world and can support the fastest CXP cameras with up to 4x lanes or up to four individual data streams from up to four cameras. These frame grabbers are the unsung heroes in the background, propelling precision, efficiency, and innovation in machine vision, and setting new benchmarks in the industry.   The Komodo II’s flexible GPIO interface also proves indispensable in complex machine vision systems, where precise timing and coordination are paramount, such as in automated quality inspection systems.