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New research about laser wavefront correction made use of Kaya’s JetCam-19 Camera.

The research that was published by researchers from the Optical Society of America examined optical systems intended for correcting the wavefront of laser radiation that has passed through a turbulent atmosphere, using FPGA as the main control element of the system. To characterize the imaging system, the researchers used a wavefront sensor, with which they measured speed using Kaya’s JetCam-19. The particularly high frame rate, along with a spectral sensitivity range of 350-1100 nm, enabled high precision and accuracy that meet rigorous scientific standards.  The researchers mentioned, in particular, the advantages of the camera over its alternatives, as it comes with a frame grabber containing an FPGA Arria V GZ.

Kaya’s high-speed high-end Cameras are used by labs and research organizations around the world. We are looking forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions that guarantee our customers accuracy and precision.

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