PolarFire FPGA Cameras

Our partnership with Microchip, specifically leveraging their PolarFire FPGA technology, has substantially enhanced the performance of our cameras at KAYA Instruments. Microchip’s technology provides two vital advantages. Firstly, it empowers us to maintain a compact and energy-efficient design, a critical factor in an industry where space and efficiency are paramount. Our cameras seamlessly fit into confined spaces while delivering top-tier performance with minimal noise.

Secondly, Microchip’s PolarFire FPGA solutions enable our cameras to consistently deliver high-quality imaging even in varying lighting conditions, all thanks to the latest CMOS sensor technology. This cutting-edge technology ensures that our customers receive nothing less than exceptional imaging quality.

The FPGA technology has been instrumental in enhancing our cameras at KAYA Instruments. KAYA’s cameras are known for their industrial-grade, small form factor, and low power design. They excels in delivering top-quality video even in challenging conditions.

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