Industrial Frame Grabbers

CoaXPress 2.0 Frame Grabbers for Industrial Applications

CoaXPress 2.0 Frame Grabbers are preferred in many industries today for their impressive technical capabilities, primarily their high data transfer rates, reaching up to 12.5 Gbps.  The high speed link includes camera control, power, real time triggering and RS232 communication. CoaXpress Standard includes utilizing multiple cables to includes speeds of 25 Gbp/s, 50 Gbp/s and 100 Gbps utilizing Dual-CXP, Quad-CXP and Octo-CXP frame grabbers.  This high-speed data transmission is crucial for seamless information exchange within industrial setups, supporting various applications. CoaXPress 2.0 offers additional advantages, including extended cable lengths of up to 100 meters, which are critical in industrial environments, especially in applications like broadcast and aerospace where cameras need to be distant from processing equipment.  Industrial applications which also require long distance from camera to computer are Industrial Factory Floors, Web Inspection, Paper Manufacturing and more.  The robust coaxial cables make them suitable for nearly any industrial environment. Furthermore, CoaXPress is energy-efficient compared to alternatives, reducing operational costs and making it ideal for remote and isolated environments, such as those encountered in aerospace applications.

How to choose the right frame grabber?

In the context of industrial imaging, frame grabbers are essential when using CoaXPress cameras. CoaXPress Frame Grabbers can support multiple cameras connected to a single frame grabber over extended cable runs. Each camera can perform distinct tasks, optimizing industrial processes by enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for multiple grabbers. Your frame grabber choice should align with your requirements for data transmission speed, the number of channels (how many cameras you need to link simultaneously), power consumption, and durability. Most Coaxpress 2.0 Frame Grabbers can also support older Coaxpress versions with different rates, such as 2.5 GT/s (CXP-2), 3.125 GT/s (CXP-3), 6.25 GT/s (CXP-6), and up to 12.5 Gbps (CXP 2.0, also referred to as CoaXPress 12).

KAYA Instruments’ Industrial Frame Grabbers

KAYA Instruments has earned recognition for its contributions to industrial imaging, particularly with its CoaXPress frame grabbers, known for their durability, high performance, and versatility. KAYA offers a range of options, including Single-channel, Dual-channel, Quad-channel, and Octo-channel frame grabbers, each equipped with  high performance features for optimal performance.

Notable features of KAYA’s CoaXPress frame grabbers, along with their software Vision Point, include:

  • Compliance with CoaXPress V2.0 specifications
  • Power over CoaXPress, with an energy consumption of approximately 13W per link
  • Support for multiple camera synchronization
  • Capability for synchronizing multiple frame grabbers
  • Utilization of high-performance HD-BNC connectors for CoaXPress links
  • User-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Compatibility with both Windows and Linux operating systems
  • An application programming interface (API) for developing custom applications
  • Plug-in modules for integration with platforms like Matlab, HALCON, and Labview
  • Compliance with Gen<i>Cam standards
  • Support for GenTL
  • Impressive data rates of up to 12.5 Gbps per link
  • A wide range of operating temperatures

KAYA Instruments’ Industrial CoaXPress frame grabbers are a trusted choice in industries worldwide. Quality control is rigorously maintained throughout the design, production, operation, and support stages. All products undergo stringent testing and are certified to meet industry standards, including CE, UL, and FCC. Our frame grabbers hold certifications for Electromagnetic – EMC standards, EMC – Emission EMC – Immunity Flammability RoHS REACH and WEEE. KAYA’s well-established network of distributors offers our CoaXPress Frame Grabbers in Europe, America, Asia and across the globe. We offer convenient shipping options to serve customers wherever they are located.