CoaXPress Over Fiber Camera Simulator

KAYA’s CoaXPress Over Fiber Camera Simulator

KAYA Instruments announces the Chameleon II CoaXPress Over Fiber Camera Simulator. This cutting-edge simulator harnesses the power of CoaXPress 2.0,which provides 10 Gigabits of video per channel utilizing standard SFP+’s. This simulator is capable of generating single images, multiple images, video streams and test patterns of up to 4 CoaXPress 2.0 links in single, dual, and quad mode for a total 40 Gigabits/s of data output.

Its key advantages include:

Versatility: Supporting static and dynamic test patterns, various image file formats, and high-speed streaming at 6,695 MB/s.
Precise Control: Emulating camera controls and triggers for seamless integration.
Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and Nvidia platforms.
Comprehensive Development: Offers an extensive API for custom applications and integrates with Matlab, HALCON, Cognex, and Labview.
Temperature Tolerance: Operates in temperatures from 0°C to +50°C, ensuring performance in diverse conditions.

KAYA’s Chameleon II CoaXPress Camera Simulator complements its CoaXPress Over Fiber counterpart. It supports CoaXPress 2.0 and CoaXPress 1.0, offering unparalleled versatility.

Broad Speed Support: Covers speeds from CXP-1 to CXP-12, accommodating various CoaXPress applications.
Cross-Platform Integration: Works seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and Nvidia platforms.

KAYA manufactures and designs CXP firmware (IP), FMC Boards, Cameras, Camera Simulators and Frame Grabbers. The Chameleon II CoF is a benefit in developing a host (frame grabber) side of the product. KAYA simulators are also utilized for system testing by providing for test, development and deployment of complete systems by providing test images up to the full datarate of 40 Gigabits/s. KAYA’s unique hardware/software suite works on Windows or Linux and comes with full application and SDK.

KAYA is a leader in the industry developing a range of cameras for Commercial, Industrial and Military use. Kaya develops and manufactures frame grabbers in PCIe, PCIe104 and MXM form factors. KAYA develops and licenses IP for CXP standards and providing support hardware for fast and easy integration into any platform with FMC form factor test cards and CXP simulators. KAYA develops custom cameras, frame grabbers and complete systems. KAYA follows quality standards and is a registered ISO9001:2015 company.