JetCam in Vision Systems Design


JetCam in Vision Systems Design

As you may know, our High-Speed Cameras (called JetCam) are simply the best-in-class in the Machine Vision industry. JetCam with Komodo Fiber Frame Grabber is a perfect solution for different kinds of applications (such as sport events broadcasting and sport analytics, motion analysis, traffic control, industrial inspection, 3D applications and so on), providing the highest-end quality video.

Now let us introduce the newest article in Vision Systems Design, where you can read about the JetCam. We are more than happy to share this with all of you.

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“High speed cameras introduced by Kaya Instruments Jet series of high-speed cameras are now available in two models: JetCam 19 and JetCam 25. The JetCam 19 camera features the 2.1 MPixel LUX19HS global shutter CMOS image sensor from Alexima, which has a 10 μm pixel size and can reach a frame rate of 2,400 fps at 8-bit resolution and 1920 fps at 10-bit resolution. JetCam 19 has Fiber (40 Gbps) or CoaXPress (25 Gbps) interfaces, and a Nikon F-Mount with integrated lens control. The JetCam 25 features an ON Semiconductor PYTHON 25K CMOS image sensor, which is a 25 MPixel global shutter sensor with a 4.5 μm pixel size and can reach a frame rate of 80 fps at full resolution. Like the JetCam 19, this model also features fiber optic or CoaXPress interface and is compatible with both the Kaya Vision Point SDK and Kaya Komodo CoaXPress frame grabbers. Kaya Instruments Haifa, Israel” – Vision Systems Design May 2017

Please note, the new JetCam 160 has just been launched recently. So currently there are 3 models and even new ones will come soon. JetCam 160 provides the maximum frame rate as 350+ fps at full resolution (16 MP).

JetCam with its 40 Gbps fiber optic interface is very unique in the market, only KAYA Instruments can offer this feature.

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