Iron 0505

Small Form Factor CoaXPress 12G ruggedized camera


Innovative Approach – The Iron 0505 is a high speed, low-cost, low-power global shutter CMOS camera with up to 50 Gbps CoaXPress v2.0 interface (Micro-BNC connector) which supports 25 MP high quality video at rates of up to 150fps.

Intelligent Design – Our camera incorporates Gpixel’s GMAX0505 sensor – manufactured in Israel by the company’s Belgian branch. The GMAX0505 is a global shutter sensor with a 2.5µm pixel size. With a compact outline the camera can be fitted into tight spaces. Superior sensor performance allows very low light vision capabilities.

The CoaXPress interface allows high-speed data transmission for digital imaging in machine vision applications, faster than other standards, such as Camera Link or GigE Vision. Our CoaXPress Iron robust cameras are ideally suited for industrial, defense, and aerospace machine vision systems. With dimensions of 44 x 44 x 39 mm, The Iron CoaXPress 0505 ruggedized camera is designed to fit very small places. The wide range of operating temperatures, spanning from -40°C to 80°C, enables it to function under severe environmental conditions. The high resolution of 5120 x 5120 provides a sensitive high-quality video output at a high speed that would meet almost any need.

  • 25 Megapixel up to 150 fps
  • Monochrome, Color and enhanced NIR models
  • Up to 5W power at full rate
  • Full image processing feature set
  • Up to 50 Gbps CoaXPress interface
  • C, CS, F or EF mounts available
  • Full EMVA1288 report
  • Full built-in self-test (BIT)
  • Full built-in voltage testing
  • Customization as per user requirements
  • Wide temperature range
  • Vibration resistant


  • Perimeter vision
  • Military/Defense systems
  • Low light surveillance
  • Special Effects
  • VR
  • 3D



Pixel Size 2.5 µm x 2.5 µm
Resolution 5120 (H) x 5120 (V)
Sensor Size 12.8 mm x 12.8 mm | 1.1”
Sensor Gpixel GMAX0505
Output Interface x 2 channels CoaXPress v2.0 up to 50Gbps (CXP3, CXP6, CXP12) for NS version
x 4 channels CoaXPress v2.0 up to 50Gbps (CXP3, CXP6, CXP12) for HS version
Interface Connector x 4 Micro-BNC for HS version
x 2 Micro-BNC for NS version
Output Resolution 8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit
Max Frame Rate High Speed Version: 150 fps @ 8 bit, 145 fps @ 10 bit
Normal Speed Version: 41 fps @ 8, 10 and 12 bit
Image acquisition Continuous / Triggered
Camera Control Gen<i>Cam
Electronic shutter Global shutter
Monochrome/ color Monochrome / Color / Red Fox (NIR enhanced)
Temporal noise <1.6 e-
Full well charge 6.7 ke-
Dynamic range > 60dB @ 10 bit
> 65dB @ 12 bit
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR max) 38.1dB
Quantum efficiency (QE) X FF <65.5% @500nm
Shortest Exposure 2.5 μs
On camera processing Defect pixel correction
Frame counter
Flat field / Fixed patter noise correction
Auto/Manual black level
Auto Exposure/Gain
Auto/Manual White balance
Image flip
Gain (Analog / Digital)
Operational Time Counter
GPIO connection Two inputs, two outputs, external trigger & strobe controller

Mechanical & Electrical

Dimensions [1] 44 mm x 44 mm x 39 mm (Height x Width x Depth)
Weight (without lens) <100g
Typical current 210mA @ 24V
Operating Temperature -40°C to 80°C, 20-85% humidity (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C, 20-85% humidity (non-condensing)
Operational Shock Tested per MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6, 3-axis Shock 75G
Operational Vibration Tested per MIL-STD-810G Method 514.6, 3-axis Vibration Category 20
Ingress Protection Optional IP67 (with protective lens tube)
Lens Mount C-mount, CS-mount, F-mount or EF-mount
Power Input PoCXP full support (11-28V with external power option)
Power Consumption <5W @ 24V DC

* KAYA Instruments reserves the right to update the data sheet from time to time without prior notice.

Camera Workflow

*KAYA’s Vision Point software and SDK are highly recommended. For more information please click here.

QE Tables

GMAX0505 Spectral Responses


GMAX0505 Color GMAX0505 Color, IR Cut Filter
IR Cut Filter     GMAX0505 Mono \ Red Fox