Software & SDK

Software & SDK

The Vision Point application is an advanced application capable of supporting snap/grab through both the API and the Application.  The standard application is capable of DMA’ing images to memory at the full speed of the frame grabber.  KAYA supports adapters or interfaces for all other common vision libraries and recording (DVR) software.

You can accelerate your vision solutions with the VisionPoint application, which includes GUI, SDK, and API which are followed by a rich set of documentation, examples, and reference designs.

Both Windows and Linux users can experience this powerful and reliable software package, including a concise and intuitive GUI. The API has very distinct and extensive documentation giving the user the ability to quickly understand and take advantage of its broad options.

The digital Video recorder capabilities of the Vision Point software package achieve industry’s highest performance of uncompressed digital streams for long periods of time and in-line compression allows even higher recording times.


  • Manufacturing lines (Industry)
  • Optical inspection
  • Motion analysis
  • Sports
  • Life Science
  • Defense
  • Troubleshooting



  • Recording
    • Monochrome or color hardware Bayer de-mosaicking
    • AVI, MOV, uncompressed or compressed formats supported
    • Export images as BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, AVI, or MOV.
    • Full set of controls (Start, stop, Rewind, Fast Forward, Step, Trigger, Counter of frames, etc.)
    • Timestamp
    • Color balance, histogram, and other real-time image processing functions.
    • Continuous loop for video buffering for machine vision or security applications
    • Automatic, customizable file naming schemes
    • H264 multi-channel compressing (optional).
    • Lossless multi-channel compressing
    • Simultaneous and synchronous multichannel audio and DAQ recording.
    • Etc.


  • Playback
    • Playback of recorded video
    • Multi-stream synchronized playback
    • Frame lookup by timestamp and metadata
    • Etc.


  • GUI
    • Camera initialization and controls
    • Multi-camera live rendering
    • Multi-stream support
    • Frame Grabber configuration
    • System calibration and debug
    • Recording and Replay
    • Trigger control
    • Encoder control
    • Color pattern decoding
    • Saving image sequences to file
    • Color histogram
    • Etc.

The VisionPoint GUI has outstanding features. It supports multi-stream and provides multi-camera live rendering, camera initialization, and controls. The Frame Grabber configuration is very easy with it.  The system calibration and debugging tools are one of the most advanced parts of the software. Users can quickly save image sequences to a file. Besides the highly-efficient color pattern decoding, the trigger control and encoder control are available at all users’ convenience. Large numbers of customers are already very satisfied with the VisionPoint GUI worldwide.

  • SDK
    • Frame Grabber and Camera Genicam configuration
    • GenTL producer
    • Flexible buffer management system including cyclic buffers, queued buffers and direct GPU buffers
    • Image processing such as Bayer de-mosaicking, Color correction, flat field correction and Gain/Offset
    • Video frames timestamping
    • Video de-interlacing
    • Camera trigger and GPIO control
    • Communication with Camera via serial port
    • Etc.


We keep adding features on a regular basis. Please contact us for an updated list.