Transportation and Traffic

Transportation and Traffic cameras are essential tools for ensuring safety and efficiency on roads and highways. Traffic monitoring systems are used for tolling, monitor traffic flow, detect accidents, population analyzation, identify license plates for law enforcement purposes and more. KAYA Instruments produces high-quality cameras and frame grabbers specifically designed for these applications, providing reliable and accurate video data to ensure optimal traffic management.
KAYA’s transportation and traffic inspection cameras are built to withstand harsh environments and extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use. Our cameras utilize advanced CMOS sensors with global shutter technology, allowing for high-resolution imaging and excellent low-light performance. Moreover, KAYA’s JetCam cameras support high-quality video at rates up to 2400 fps and resolution of up to 16 Megapixels for crash tests and automotive testing . Iron cameras are also equipped with fast data transmission capabilities, allowing for real-time analysis of traffic flow and incident detection.
KAYA’s transportation and traffic inspection cameras are also highly customizable, making them compatible with advanced machine vision software, enabling automated analysis of traffic data. Today KAYA’s cameras are implemented in different traffic monitoring systems around the world, saving lives and improving transportation conditions in many countries.